Rules for Participants


Minimum age for participation in Trinity Music Festival is 16 years.
- Individual performance will be accommodated, however due to the limited availability of the slots. Performances with two or more participant is highly encouraged.
- Slots will be assigned on first come first served basis.
- Participant must be there on time, and are requested to stay after their performance, to encourage other participants.
- Teachers should arrange for their own accompanying performers. If help is needed teachers should contact Sangeetalahari as early as possible.
- Sangeetalahari reserves the right to limit the number of performers either by teacher, group or individual.
- Sangeetalahari appreciates strict adherence to the rules to allow maximum number to participate in the events.

Trinity Music Festival

Sangeetalahari takes great pride in organizing the Trinity Music Festival. 

In the years 1763 to 1775 were born the Trinity of Carnatic Music Syama Sastri, (1763-1827), Sadguru Thyagaraja Swami (1767-1847), and Sri Muthuswami Deekshitar (1775-1835) . 

They were the architects of the Golden age of Carnatic music. Suffice it to say that Carnatic music owes its stupendous development to the Trinity.

The compositions of the Trinity are noteworthy for both the music and the word content. The overwhelming variety of compositions - Varnam, Kriti, Padam, Swarajati, Tillana & Javali present Raga pictures in tangible, authentic format. Since then, the compositions of these saint composers largely dominated Carnatic music recitals.

Note: Please read the 'Rules for Participants' on the left.

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Event Details


Saturday, 24th Feb 2024


8:00 A.M to 8:00 PM
Location: SV Lotus Temple, Braddock Road, Fairfax, VA
Contact: Krishnaveni
734 883 6191


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