Sangeetalahari is happy to announce the new initiative to bring Indian Classical Dance Festival "NatyaLahari" to the community every year, similar to the Children's Festival and Trinity Music Festival. In 2017, Natyalahari will be held in December. We hope you all support and enjoy NatyaLahari.
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Welcome to Sangeetalahari.

For many sages and philosophers of India, music was and still is a means of enlightenment. They have embodied great philosophical truths in melodious musical compositions that have been cherished as great values of Indian culture.

Sangeetalahari is a volunteer organization formed in 2001, whose sole purpose is to generate and nurture interest in Indian classical music, especially for the younger generation.

Music is a divine form of art that helps relax the body, mind, soul and spirit. In today's fast paced life and culture in the U.S., children, more than adults are extremely vulnerable to the stresses in life. This may make them act in ways that are not conducive to their own progress in life both personally and professionally.

Sangeetalahari feels strongly that an appreciation for the Indian classical music fosters an alternative lifestyle which promotes serenity, discipline and adherence to divine principles in children's lives.

Since Jan 13th, 2001, music lovers have enjoyed performing and listening at the Sangeetalahari performances in the D.C. Metro Area. This success has made Sangeetalahari volunteers feel that their mission has been accomplished.

Dear Krishna,

Deepest appreciation to you and all your helpers for planning and bringing us another outstanding event. I know you had lots of help, but it is your spirit and your spiritual helpers that propel this music festival. Thank you so much for your contributions to making our lives this time around so much richer!


Beth Bullard, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor and Director of World Music Studies
Department of Music, 3E3
George Mason University
4400 University Drive


SVLotus Temple (Sri Venkateswara Lotus Temple)
Rajdhani Mandir
Durga Temple Of Virginia
Sri Siva Vishnu Temple
Chinmaya Mission
India International School
George Mason University
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